Shrimp and Pear Salad

If you enjoy shrimp and pears, you’ll enjoy the combination of ingredients in this recipe. It makes for a wonderful main dish for lunch or an appetizer for dinner. For added formality to your presentation, serve the salad individually on a bed of green lettuce.

1 pound medium size raw shrimp (31 to 40 counts per pound)
2 cups water and 1 teaspoon salt to boil the shrimp
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon red hot chili oil
½ teaspoon salt
1 scallion, including the green top
1 oz. fresh cilantro (about ¼ cup after chopped)
3 firm but ripe Bartlett Pears (about 7 oz, each)
3 tablespoons tomato ketchup
2 tablespoons light mayonnaise

Preparation and Cooking:
Peel and devein shrimp. Rinse with cold water. In a medium size pot bring 2 cups water and 1 teaspoon salt to a full boil. Add shrimp, cook and stir until shrimp turns pink and firm for about 2 minutes. Careful not over cook them. Remove shrimp from heat and immediately rinse with cold water for a few seconds. Pat dry with paper towels. Cut each shrimp in half.

In a large bowl, combine the shrimp with 1 tablespoon lime juice, 1 teaspoon red chili oil and ½ teaspoon salt. Mix together thoroughly and set aside. Wash and trim the green onion and cilantro. Finely chop both. Wash and core the pears. Do not peel the skins. Cut pears into 1 inch cubes.

Add the chopped green onions, cilantro, ketchup and mayonnaise to the shrimp first. Mix together thoroughly then add the pear cubes. Gently stir to coat the pears. Serve chilled.

Makes 4 to 6 servings
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 2 minutes

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