Welcome To Our New Recipe Blog!

Thanks for stopping by! This is a new recipe blog of simple, healthy, tasty Chinese recipes and then some.

Years ago, my mother Lucy Chee authored a cookbook and opened a couple of restaurants, all while raising an active family. She has created at least another 100 original recipes since her published cookbook “The All-American Chinese Cookbook”. Rather than let these amazing recipes go to waste, I thought I would take action and share all her fabulous recipes with family, dear friends and new friends found on the worldwide web.

Here’s the catch…Lucy has NO idea this is out there for all to see! My father Dan and brother Jason are now in on the birthday surprise and deemed as regular contributors to the site. It’s become a family affair and a little something we can pass on to future “All-American Chinese” generations.

We hope you enjoy, email Lucy so she’ll figure out the surprise and ask her lots of Chinese cooking questions! She really is a wonderful source of information. We know she will appreciate it and genuinely enjoy hearing from you! – Melisa

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4 Responses to “Welcome To Our New Recipe Blog!”

  1. Carrie Horton Says:

    Melisa, what a wonderful gift! Chef Lucy is going to “love” this. You are truly so lucky to have such a wonderful Mother. Might I suggest you impliment some photos of your son Austin eating your Mom’s recipes or helping you make them. She will love that, Grandmas live for that stuff. Looking forward to cooking with Lucy! Oh, I am Shannon Wangeman’s cousin from CA.

  2. Teresa Fang Says:

    I can still remember your Mom cooking for all of us when I was little! Since I had the same name as her sister, she used to always save something special for me. Now that I’ve checked out the site, I can’t wait to go home and cook something tonight (well, maybe tomorrow night since my fridge is barren!).
    Thanks for sending this info to us. I forwarded the site to all my brothers and sisters. Since I am the youngest, the older kids might also have some great memories of your mom. Although, I do still have my picture of being the flower girl at your parent’s wedding!
    Teresa Fang

  3. Jean Wenz Says:

    Melisa, what a wonderful surprise for your mom! Very well done! I have enjoyed all the great recipes from Lucy’s first cookbook and look forward to more on the website. You do have a wonderful mother, who is an awesome cook, and has been my very dear friend for many, many years.
    Jean Wenz

  4. Maureen Cronin Says:

    This is a great idea, Melisa. It looks like you will be able to take advantage of all the work you and your mom did over the last few years to collect and perfect all those new recipes. Our family was fed wonderfully for years when Lucy and Dan were our next door neighbors in Los Altos. I still get the fruit from all of Lucy’s wonderful fruit trees that hang over our fence. I am not much of a cook, but will experiment with some of these recipes. Pete and Tom cook all the time. I will bring them in on this too!

    Maureen Cronin

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